Senior Living Software Solutions

Processing leads on a website can be a real challenge for senior living communities. This challenge is partly due to the sensitivity of information about leads. In order for communities to fully understand and cater to potential residents, it’s necessary for those residents to include personal health information in online application forms. The sensitivity and complexity of this private information can make processing leads difficult, especially in the context of HIPAA compliance. To comply with HIPAA, senior living communities need to make sure the personal data of potential residents remains private. Online application forms and databases, as well as the entire method for processing and analyzing leads, must be secure. Special software solutions for senior living can ensure this high level of data security, plus provide a user-friendly system to keep track of current and potential residents. With this setup, communities can get a clear overview of their leads and residents without worrying about security issues.

However, integrating these software solutions into a website design can be complicated and time consuming. There can be unexpected technical issues during the integration that cause communities to lose valuable leads. Since these solutions drive business, every error can have costly consequences.

G5 Software Integrations

To eliminate this stress, senior living communities can turn to G5 integrations. These integrations work seamlessly with senior living software solutions, so communities can get the website designs they want and the level of security they need. G5 integrations are also easy to use. G5 has teamed up with property management software companies to offer turnkey solutions, so your leads will automatically display in your tool for your sales team to use. In addition, the support team at G5 is available to efficiently implement the integration and resolve any potential issues, turning a long, frustrating process into a simple step.

Current Senior Living Integrations