Sherpa is the only technology solution designed by senior living sales experts to improve conversion ratios and drive occupancy by returning sales teams to one foundational truth: Prospects are people.

Sherpa lets senior living professionals do more of what they love: guiding seniors and their families through life-altering change with compassion and care. We go further than any other technology solution in empowering leasing counselors to intuitively help prospects step-by-step through the emotional obstacles they face.

By tracking how sales teams spend time selling, our CRM quantifies the correlation between emotional connection and increased occupancy. Our client partners across the U.S. and Canada increase conversion rates and fill communities every day by putting Sherpa technology at the service of helping seniors.

"Know thy Prospect"

When faced with life-changing decisions, people need helpers who empathize with their uncertainty and guide them toward a solution. Sherpa helps leasing counselors develop holistic profiles of prospects’ lives and motivate sales teams to intuitively pursue behaviors proven to increase conversion ratios.

And yes, you can build a profile for your outreach professionals, too.

Track your Selling Zone

You don’t have to be in the building to know what’s going on. Sherpa measures how much time your team spends on calls, tours, visits and more. See results in real time, anytime, from anywhere.

Measure What Actually Matters

Don’t let your mission get buried in meaningless data. Sherpa tracks the metrics proven to increase visit-to-tour conversion rates. Measure new and familiar metrics with reports for occupancy, sales and marketing.

Everyone Needs a Companion

Introducing Sherpa’s Clinical Companion, a CRM solution designed for best-in-class operators seeking transparency in their acute and post-acute care settings.