EnquireLEADS, was created for senior housing and healthcare organizations. The out of the box template is specific for these markets and can be customized to mimic each organizations terminology, sales processes and workflows.

  • Track prospects, family members, referral sources and residents through the entire sales process and beyond.
  • Integrate with your marketing, sales and call systems to centralize all of your initiatives.
  • Create campaigns to track the ROI on marketing efforts.

Customized Reports

Create reports, trend analysis, charts and graphs on demand with Enquire’s customized reporting module. Use the drag-and-drop feature to quickly create customized reports and measure your KPI’s. Save time by converting your manual reporting process into automated dashboards. Export all reports to PDFs, images or Excel documents.


Monitor sales performance, activity and conversions to establish benchmarks and goals for your organization.


Run occupancy reports on move-ins and move-outs, view historical trends and examine duration of short-term and permanent residency.


Analyze sales productivity trends over time including the average time to convert to tour or move in and follow–up to referral or web lead.


Evaluate sales conversions by marketing campaign, cost per lead and marketing budget-to-inquiry trend over time.

Customized Fields

Create customized fields to replicate your company’s sales processes. Run database searches by filtering information based on your customized fields to obtain targeted and segmented data.

Marketing Campaigns

Track responses to your marketing campaigns in EnquireLEADS®. Use the customized search to filter leads and create dynamic marketing campaign lists. Generate reports to validate the success of your marketing initiatives

  • Create marketing campaigns (i.e. events, emails, mail)
  • Save frequently used templates for mail merges and emails
  • Create segmented lists for each marketing campaign
  • Measure the ROI of campaigns

Automated Activities

Customize follow-up activities to automatically prompt sales personnel to move prospects through the sales cycle. Save your employees time and avoid leads being mismanaged by automating your sales process in EnquireLEADS®.


Integrate EnquireLEADS® with marketing automation, accounting, referral and clinical systems. Our developer site offers multiple plugins for your best-in-class system. Integrations create a seamless software platform and provide turnkey solutions for your organization.


Automatically populate social, demographic, financial and contact information for each individual in your database real-time.

EHR / Billing

We integrate with most EHR / EMR platforms in the senior housing and healthcare industry.

Call Tracking

We integrate with popular call tracking platforms. Automatically populate activities from calls and track which campaigns get activity.


Sync contacts and segmented lists from the CRM to your marketing automation or email platform automatically.

Security and Compliance

Security is important. At Enquire, data security is of the utmost importance. It is a top priority to ensure our clients and customers are confident that we take every preventative measure to protect our software and your data. Our business is fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding those standards.