Senior Living Websites

Choosing an independent or assisted living community is often a careful, time-consuming process for seniors and their family members. In most cases, the decision begins with a Google search for local retirement communities in the area. Then, based on the order of the search results, each community’s website is visited and judged.

Prospective residents may visit dozens of websites before selecting facilities to tour. A website design can make or break a senior living company’s success. It’s a critical point of contact that can either pique or discourage a lead’s interest.

Having an excellent website is especially important for senior living facilities with several competitors. In this case, leads will compare every aspect of the website’s design and content with the competition. If the website falls short, leads may lose interest and strike the facility off their list.

Even if a senior living community has few competitors, or is already ahead of their competition, their current prominence is no guarantee for future success. Every year, new communities are being built or remodeled to meet the growing demand for senior housing. For these modern facilities, having a superior website is a top priority.

To remain successful in this competitive environment, senior living companies need to have specialized, user-friendly websites that rank well, represent brand values, and speak to potential residents and their families. A generic website design can’t accomplish the same results as a custom-built website.

After years of working with senior living companies, we’ve learned how to craft senior care websites that get results. We understand the features and design elements that are uniquely suited for senior living.

We’ve teamed up with software companies to create websites that incorporate senior living software solutions. We don’t just deliver beautiful website designs -- we make sure they’re integrated with the software solutions a community uses. This extra step saves senior living communities the hassle of trying to integrate a website that wasn’t built with software solutions in mind. With G5, all the community needs to do is tell us who they’ve partnered up with. We do the rest.

In addition, we know how to customize a community’s SEO to best reach their audience. We don’t settle for general SEO practices. We believe that to get the best search results, it’s necessary to specialize. Our SEO is built around how potential residents and their families search for senior living communities. This way, communities get the traffic and valuable leads they need.

We also create a user experience that’s specialized for the senior living audience. We know that potential residents respond to design features differently than other audiences, and we build our website to cater to their specific needs. Throughout the design process, we stay focused on how the website will communicate a particular brand image and message. We work closely with the senior living company to identify this brand and bring it to life through website design and content. Since a senior living community’s website is often the first moment of contact with potential residents, it’s imperative to capture their attention and bring them back.

For this reason, we design each website feature and image with care. These elements and imagery are a window into the life the community offers, speaking to the desires of potential residents. A standard template simply can’t reach this level of emotion and subtlety. A custom-built website is the best way to capture the essence of a community.

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