Logo Design

Families and seniors looking for retirement communities or assisted living facilities want to choose a place they can trust. Building this trust starts already in this first moments of contact, when a lead visits a facility’s website. While leads are interested in the facility’s amenities, services, and quality of care, they’re also paying attention to small details, such as the facility’s design logo.

Having an excellent design logo is one of the first steps to building a lead’s trust. A logo communicates more than just the facility’s name. It represents the facility’s aesthetic and brand vision, which can either attract or deter a lead’s interest.

Choosing a logo that sends the right message can be a challenge in the senior care industry. It can be difficult to strike a balance between creativity, brand values, and the opinions of current and future residents. Creating a captivating logo that resonates with potential residents and their family members, both now and in the future, can take time and investment.

One way to craft a perfect logo is to hire design specialists, like those at G5. Our team of design specialists have worked with countless senior living communities, helping to identify and visually communicate a brand identity. Time and again, these specialists have created logos that are not only beautiful and professional, but also uniquely suited to each community.

Because our design specialists have worked with a broad range of senior living companies and their brands, they know the industry’s design trends inside and out. They know what's been done (and done, and done), what's currently trending, and most importantly — what works.

They are also attuned to each community’s unique brand, audience, and creative vision. Every time our design specialists take on a new senior living logo, they spend time learning deeply about the retirement community they’re designing for. By focusing on the community’s individuality, our designers are able to create a logo that’s singular instead of generic.

In addition, because we approach all creative projects with a digital-first mindset, our custom-designed logos are always positioned to display exceptionally across all devices and mediums. Communities get logos that look great in newspapers and business cards, as well as websites and emails.

In other words, senior living companies that build logos with G5 are getting more than just graphic design knowledge. They’re getting a range of skills, from senior living marketing and technology to website design and social media. All of these skills can come into play when creating a logo that symbolizes a community.

Whether a senior living facility is starting from scratch or already has a logo that needs to be updated, G5’s design specialists can bring their brand vision to life. Communities can choose from a variety of service levels that meet the unique needs of their business.

Text Logos

Do you lack existing assets or need a quick, modern logo template to scale across your portfolio? With an emphasis on font weight and typography, text logos are simply designed in black, white, or to match existing branded colors.

Logo Enhancement

For senior living companies with existing assets and signage, including those who are missing high-resolution and vector files, Logo Enhancement empowers us to update, touch up, or vectorize the current logo(s) in a senior living portfolio as needed.

Custom Logo Design

For senior living companies that want a unique logo that resonates with their leads and residents, our design specialists work from the ground up to craft original logos that are specially suited to senior communities. From conceptualization to execution, we develop a solution to define and add value to your brand identity.